Advanced Homeopathy

One of the most successful protocols of treatment in current use.

About Advanced Homeopathy

Advanced Homeopathy is based on research conducted at, arguably, the world’s largest clinical trial organization, Dr. Parimal Banerji’s Advanced Homoeopathic Research Society. It has been developed on the basis of approximately 40 million prescriptions served over three generations of prolific homeopathic practice, spread over almost a 100 years.

Advanced Homeopathy identifies the best suited potencies of a given homeopathic drug for any given condition. As a result of the scientifically collected vast storehouse of clinical data, it has been possible for researchers to identify specific homeopathic drugs at specific potencies for a given clinical condition and also develop proprietary combinations which have proved most effective.

Furthermore, the research has also narrowed down different drugs at specific potencies for different stages of a single clinical condition. As a result of this phenomenal protocol it has become possible for a homoeopath, trained in Advanced Homoeopathy to quickly prescribe and manage acutely exacerbated conditions with seasoned ease and confidence. Proper training allows the protocol of Advanced Homoeopathy to be easily applied by homeopaths, at discretion, the world over, and its success is as easily replicated.

This protocol provides for a quick prescription and, by noting the change also for the next remedy in line for the course of treatment, at the known potency. Homoeopaths trained in Advanced Homoeopathy and with adequate experience routinely see hundreds of patients�?everyday, with precision and with phenomenal rates of improvement and cure.

Due to the inherent nature of prescription under the Advanced Homoeopathy Protocol, telemedicine in homoeopathy is now a palpable reality.

Advanced Homeopathy eliminates the vague estimation of remedies and thereafter, the even more vague estimation of its potencies under conventional homeopathic treatment and saves valuable time, especially in life threatening conditions. It relies instead on solid clinical data for every single prescription and thus the chances of failure are significantly reduced.

Advanced Homeopathy is pushing the realms of curability everyday. Referred cases from conventional homoeopaths find cures under Advanced Homeopathic treatment. Severely complicated, life threatening illnesses, declared terminal are often given a new lease of life as a result of this protocol of treatment.

Clinical internships for Advanced Homeopathy are in great demand amongst homoeopaths from all parts of the world, many of whom attend the Clinic.

Dr. Kalyan Banerjee is one of the most successful exponents of Dr. Parimal Banerji’s school and has helped, greatly, in the progress and in the furthering of Advanced Homeopathy with his phenomenal individual practice spread over three decades.

This research and development, continues with Dr. Kushal Banerjee and the team of doctors at the Clinic as they mould protocols for emerging clinical entities under the leadership and guidance of Dr. Kalyan Banerjee.

International Appointments

Dr. Kalyan Banerjee and Dr. Kushal Banerjee occasionally schedule international treatment days in different countries for their international patients.

For enquiries about international appointments patients may email the Clinic

International Appointments are scheduled on a discretionary basis and follow no set intervals.

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