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Dr. Kalyan Banerjee

Dr. Kalyan Banerjee has been practicing homoeopathy for more than 38 years and has amassed an unimaginable amount of experience through his phenomenal practice. He is easily one of the busiest physicians in the world today.

As a result of his reputation, Dr. Kalyan Banerjee has extensive experience in the management of advanced cases of cancers, organ failures, grand mal seizures, neonatal tetanus, multiple sclerosis or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, motor neuron disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, Hypothyroid Conditions, primary infertility and secondary infertility, uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts, Systemic Lupous Erythematosis and other complicated cases beyond the reach of other systems of medicine, He has successfully utilized this knowledge in his practice and trained doctors and interns at his Clinic. Read more

Dr. Kushal Banerjee

Dr. Kushal Banerjee is the fourth generation of homeopaths in his family.

In addition to his undergraduate and post graduate qualifications in Homeopathy and Applied Nutrition from India, the United Kingdom and Malaysia, Dr. Kushal Banerjee has had several stints at the University of Oxford, where he has been trained in Evidence Based Health Care and Experimental Therapeutics. He continues to visit the University of Oxford for his continuing professional development. Read more

The Practice

Three decades. 5 million prescriptions.

5 million prescriptions over 3 decades by an individual practitioner, operating out of a single Clinic is a rare accomplishment.

Dr. Kalyan Banerjee’s Clinic has been functional in the capital city of New Delhi for thirty five years. It has never indulged in or been a part of any promotional activity or event, its history. The first version of its website went live in the year 2009, 32 years after its inception. Read more


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